• 5 Common Signs Your Car May Need Clutch Repair Service

    The clutch in your manual transmission connects a series of rotating shafts under the hood of the vehicle. Its function is to help deliver the power of the engine to the wheels by transmitting torque from the input/driving shaft to the output/driven shaft. It both engages and disengages your power transmission, allowing your car to move and stop when you want. The input/driving shaft connects the engine to your vehicle's transmission while the output shaft connects the transmission to the wheels of your vehicle. [Read More]

  • Typical Reasons Why You Would Have To Seek Auto Electrical Repairs

    One of the most elaborate systems in your vehicle is the electrical one. Not only does it comprise innumerable wires and connections, but its ever-evolving technology also means that the functioning of the auto electrical system is only getting more complicated. Therefore, while this system is designed with longevity and performance in mind, it can be challenging to diagnose a problem when something goes wrong. And when you take into consideration the vast array of components involved, auto electrical issues can range from minor, annoying problems to your car losing its ability to start! [Read More]

  • What Mistakes Do People Make When Maintaining Their Cars?

    Your vehicle is one of the most costly possessions you can own in life. As such, it's crucial to ensure that it's well-serviced to boost its effectiveness over the years. Many people, however, are never serious when it comes to their car service. Some opt to DIY while others assign the work to amateurs. Others even ignore the car service schedule and only fix their vehicle once it becomes faulty. This not only causes unnecessary inconveniences, but also shortens the vehicle's life. [Read More]