5 Common Signs Your Car May Need Clutch Repair Service

Posted on: 11 December 2020

The clutch in your manual transmission connects a series of rotating shafts under the hood of the vehicle. Its function is to help deliver the power of the engine to the wheels by transmitting torque from the input/driving shaft to the output/driven shaft. It both engages and disengages your power transmission, allowing your car to move and stop when you want. The input/driving shaft connects the engine to your vehicle's transmission while the output shaft connects the transmission to the wheels of your vehicle.

Like other mechanical parts of your car, your clutch can become damaged or worn-out due to normal use. When this happens, you will need to take the vehicle to an auto service shop for clutch repairs.

Knowing the warning signs of a bad clutch is essential for carrying out timely clutch repairs. Below are some common symptoms of clutch problems.

1. Problems With Getting The Transmission Into Gear

When your clutch is working properly, changing from one gear to another should be a smooth and easy thing. If you are experiencing delays when shifting into gear or you can't go into gear at all, you may have clutch problems.

2. Grinding Happens When Shifting Gears

If your car has clutch release problems, the gears may grind when the car goes into gear. This may lead to premature wear of gears and costly gearbox repairs.

3. Transmission Slipping

In manual cars, clutch issues are one of the most common reasons behind a slipping transmission. When the clutch in your car is toast, the gears may not engage properly because they are out of sync. This will cause them to slip when engaged.

4. Clutch Pedal Makes Unusual Noises 

If your clutch pedal makes strange noises when engaged or disengaged, it is likely that your car has clutch problems. Ignoring clutch pedal noises could result in costly damage to your transmission down the line.

5. Clutch Pedal Feels Loose Under the Feet

It is never a good sign when any of the pedals below your feet feel loose when you are driving. If you feel like your clutch pedal has lost its usual firmness and effectiveness, it is best to have the issue looked into as soon as possible.

You don't need to have in-depth knowledge of how clutches work to know when something is wrong with your clutch. Anything out of the ordinary when you engage and disengage the clutch should be taken seriously. Visit a mechanic near you for all your clutch repair problems.