What Your Auto AC Technician Will Check During Car Air Conditioning Service

Posted on: 23 August 2019

A properly functioning car air conditioning system is designed to keep your car interiors cool and comfortable on hot days. Like the air conditioner in your home, your car's AC system requires regular inspection and servicing to keep working properly. Car AC system services should be carried out by a trained auto AC technician. Here are some things that auto AC technicians usually check when servicing car air conditioners.  Refrigerant Level [Read More]

Why You Should Always Remember to Get Your Car Serviced on Time

Posted on: 24 May 2019

Owning a car can sometimes feel like a series of ever-increasing chores and mountains of exhaustive paperwork that can really discourage you from staying on top of it all. However, it is vital that you do stay within your scheduled car service dates for a multitude of reasons, which are explained below. Remember that every time you put off car servicing, your car gets closer to needing more serious repairs due to neglect, and this will be far more expensive than the regular check-ups you should be having. [Read More]

Are You Sure That the DPF on Your Truck Is Working Properly?

Posted on: 23 January 2019

In order to answer environmental concerns, legislators continue to introduce rules that govern automotive pollution. In recent years, this has led to the introduction of the diesel particulate filter (DPF), which must now be fixed to any vehicles powered by a diesel engine to cut down on noxious emissions. Yet it's easy to overlook this filter once it has been fitted and expect that it will continue to function as expected, without any maintenance. [Read More]

Top 3 Reasons to Maintain Your Logbook Servicing

Posted on: 23 October 2018

If you are planning to buy a new car soon, logbook servicing is one of the things you will have to take seriously. Servicing your car as per your vehicle manufacturer's guidelines is vital to ensure you keep your vehicle in good working condition at all times. But are you aware that there are other essential reasons to perform logbook service?   Keep reading on below to find out what else logbook service is good for. [Read More]