Vehicle care 101 | Differential repair and maintenance

Posted on: 30 August 2016

The differential is a very handy mechanical device in any vehicle. It allows the drive wheels to rotate at different speeds when taking a corner, since the outer wheels have a slightly greater distance to cover than the inner wheels. The differential thus ensures the outer wheel moves faster for better corners. Its absence means that dangerous turns run the risk of the wheels binding or hopping. Despite this, the differential is often ignored when it comes to regular vehicle maintenance and is noticed only when a problem occurs. [Read More]

Common Signs of Car Exhaust Problems, and the Repairs You May Need

Posted on: 29 August 2016

Never overlook problems you might be having with your car's exhaust system, as this part of your car may be more important than you realise. The exhaust system helps to deposit fumes and emissions away from the cab of the car, so leaks in this system can mean you're breathing in toxins every time you drive. The exhaust also helps the engine keep a good mix of fuel and oxygen so it runs smoothly. [Read More]

Six Radiator Tips for First-Time High-Performance Car Owners

Posted on: 29 August 2016

If you happen to own a high-performance car, you probably know that its enhanced performance takes a toll on the engine in terms of emitting excess heat. First-time car owners should ensure that the car radiator is in excellent shape to withstand high temperatures. If your engine remains cool, your high-performance car will serve you for many years without regular engine failures. Here are some radiator tips for maintaining your high-performance car. [Read More]

Beyond Tools: Five Other Things You Need in Your Car's Emergency Repair Kit

Posted on: 29 August 2016

Unfortunately, at some point in their lives, almost every driver is going to be stuck on the side of the road, needing a repair on their vehicle. Whether it's a dead battery, a flat tyres or a more serious mechanical issue, you need the right tools to get through the situation. There are many lists online of which tools and accessories like spare tyres you should pack in your emergency kit, but what else do you need? [Read More]