• Five Signs That Indicate It's Time To Replace Your Truck's Intercooler System

    If you are a business owner who operates a truck fleet, you understand how important it is to ensure that your trucks are in top condition. One of the most essential components of your truck's performance is the intercooler system, which helps regulate the temperature of the engine and improves its efficiency. If your truck's intercooler system is compromised, it can lead to several issues that can affect your business operations. [Read More]

  • The Ultimate Guide to Car Air Conditioning Repair

    Imagine driving down the road on a hot summer's day, but suddenly, you realise that your car's air conditioning has stopped working, and you're quickly overcome by the stifling heat. If this sounds familiar, don't worry — you're not alone. Car air conditioning issues are a common problem among drivers, but fortunately, they're fixable. This ultimate guide to car air conditioning repair walks you through all the steps you need to take to get your AC blowing cold air again. [Read More]

  • What Can Go Wrong With Your Torque Converter?

    The torque converter is often an overlooked part of the system when it comes to automatic transmissions. It's not a clutch nor a gear, but it is a vital component that helps transfer usable power from the engine to the transmission. In simple terms, it helps your vehicle move forward. Unfortunately, problems with the torque converter can lead to a host of issues, so it's important to understand what can go wrong and how to spot potential problems before they escalate. [Read More]

  • What Can Go Wrong With The Condenser In Your Car's AC System?

    If you've ever experienced a broken air conditioner on a hot summer day, you know how miserable it can be. But what is actually going wrong when this system fails? In many cases, the culprit is the condenser, which is an essential component of your vehicle's air conditioning system. So, what issues can arise with this part, and why is it so important in helping to keep your car cool and comfortable? [Read More]

  • Is It a Good Idea to Change Your Car's Automatic Transmission Fluid by Yourself?

    Most people understand how important it is to change their car's oil and lubricants as recommended by its manufacturer. Usually, this will involve removing the drain plug, evacuating the old fluid, changing the filter, and adding replacements. However, this may not be enough if the vehicle has an automatic transmission system. So if you're thinking about draining your car's automatic transmission by yourself at home, why should you pause for thought and consider another option? [Read More]

  • What You Should Do If Your Car's Clutch Pedal Is Not Working Correctly

    People who have been driving a manually-operated car for some time get used to the procedure. Everything is quite predictable, and they are able to go through the motions of changing gear while coordinating hand and foot movements. So it can be particularly troubling if one part of the process is not proceeding as smoothly as it should and if something seems to be wrong with the clutch pedal. If this is happening to you, what could be going wrong, and what should you do to rectify it? [Read More]

  • Why Differential Maintenance Is So Important During a Log Book Service Visit

    If you've received a prompt from your car dealer to remind you of an upcoming log book service, you may be wondering what's involved. You may understand the need to replace engine oil and filter and take a good look at the brakes, but why is it essential for the mechanic to take a look at the differential? What is this part, and what can go wrong if it's not inspected? [Read More]

  • Did You Know That Your Car's Brake Fluid Can Sometimes Boil?

    When your vehicle's engine is operating at peak performance, temperatures inside the block can get very hot indeed. This is why you need an efficient cooling system so that you don't run into problems in the future and end up with an expensive repair bill. But, did you know that your braking system can get very hot as well and that if you're not careful, problems can arise here? Why does this system heat up so much, and what are the tell-tale signs of an issue? [Read More]

  • Key Factors That Determine the Cost of Automotive Transmission Repairs

    The transmission system in your vehicle serves the critical role of transferring power from the engine to the wheels. Therefore, proper maintenance of a transmission system is paramount for the optimal performance of a car. However, transmission systems can malfunction through accidents or tear and wear. Fortunately, a qualified auto technician can repair a damaged transmission system and restore the operation of a car. Although auto transmission repairs don't come cheap, various factors determine how much a technician charges. [Read More]

  • What to Do If an Engine Timing Chain Slips or Stretches

    Within an internal combustion engine, many moving parts need to work together in concert so that the crankshaft can eventually turn at high speed and provide drive to the wheels. This requires perfect timing, and engineers have designed these parts to interact with a fantastic amount of precision. At the centre of this frenetic activity is a timing chain, and as with everything else mechanical, this can sometimes encounter problems. What type of problem could you expect, and why is it important to take action as soon as possible? [Read More]