Key Factors That Determine the Cost of Automotive Transmission Repairs

Posted on: 16 February 2022

The transmission system in your vehicle serves the critical role of transferring power from the engine to the wheels. Therefore, proper maintenance of a transmission system is paramount for the optimal performance of a car. However, transmission systems can malfunction through accidents or tear and wear. Fortunately, a qualified auto technician can repair a damaged transmission system and restore the operation of a car. Although auto transmission repairs don't come cheap, various factors determine how much a technician charges. This article highlights such factors.

Type of Transmission — Auto transmission systems can either be automatic or manual. The difference between the two is that a manual transmission requires a driver to manually change gears while the latter requires no human intervention. For the most part, automatic transmission repairs cost more than manual transmission repairs because the former has many moving parts. For instance, the mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic helpers in an automatic transmission are interconnected, adding to the system's complexity. Thus, an automated transmission system requires the services of a highly skilled and experienced technician. On the other hand, manual transmissions only comprise simple mechanical gears that do not pose much of a problem to non-specialised mechanics.

The extent of Damage — The extent of transmission system damage determines the cost of repairs. For instance, if a problem only affects the hydraulic cylinder of an automatic transmission system, repair costs are relatively low. However, if several parts of the system malfunction, repairs cost more. The reason is that repairing several parts of a transmission system takes time and requires a higher level of skill set to ensure all components function in a synchronised fashion. Besides, extensive transmission problems almost always require new replacement parts, which add to the overall cost of repairs.

Type of Car — Notably, car brands and models also determine transmission system repair costs. For instance, repair costs for a classic vehicle are usually relatively higher because replacement parts are challenging to come by. Moreover, only a few mechanics know the inner workings of the antique systems. Similarly, transmission repairs for high-end luxury cars cost more because parts are made from quality material, and you are not likely to find aftermarket knock-offs. On the other hand, the transmission systems in mass-market car brands are less costly to repair for two reasons. First, it is easy to find mechanics who understand the systems, and second, aftermarket parts are readily available at a fraction of the cost of OEMs.

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