• Three Common Issues to Address for Better Auto AC Performance

    The AC unit installed in vehicles is often considered non-essential in comparison to other central components of the automobile. Therefore, most people will maintain and service the critical parts of the vehicle and ignore the less important air conditioner. Unfortunately, the negligence can cause the sudden failure of the system or a decline in performance. In addition, most minor problems in the AC unit are ignored until complete damage occurs. [Read More]

  • What to Do If Your Car Pulls to One Side While Braking

    Nothing can be more disconcerting than a car that does not seem to follow instructions whenever you're trying to bring it to a halt. As you may know, this type of system requires a number of different components to work in harmony, and you put a lot of emphasis on proper performance in order to keep you and your passengers safe. In particular, you may have noticed that the vehicle is pulling to one side sharply when you apply the foot brake and you need to make a big correction to the steering wheel in order to maintain control. [Read More]

  • What Do You Need to Consider When Upgrading the Suspension on Your Caravan?

    When you buy a caravan to take you and your family on summertime adventures, the standard vehicle will often be perfectly adequate for your needs, "as is." However, sometimes you may find that you need to consider an upgrade, especially if your family size grows and you need to transport more weight or decide that you will be spending a lot more time in off-road environments. In these situations, you may need to consider modifications to the suspension and possibly the brakes. [Read More]