What Do You Need to Consider When Upgrading the Suspension on Your Caravan?

Posted on: 20 March 2018

When you buy a caravan to take you and your family on summertime adventures, the standard vehicle will often be perfectly adequate for your needs, "as is." However, sometimes you may find that you need to consider an upgrade, especially if your family size grows and you need to transport more weight or decide that you will be spending a lot more time in off-road environments. In these situations, you may need to consider modifications to the suspension and possibly the brakes. How do you go about this and what else do you need to bear in mind?

Benefits of an Upgrade

It's certainly possible to upgrade the suspension of a caravan in most circumstances, and this can help to make it last longer, as well. If the vehicle is quite old and has already done a lot of mileage, then you may be able to give it a new lease of life.

What Can You Upgrade?

Usually, the suspension on a caravan is fairly straightforward and will consist of components that are either based on coils or leafs. These can be swapped out relatively simply for upgraded parts, but remember that this will change the aggregate trailer mass of the caravan, also known as the ATM.

You may also need to change the capability of the brakes when you do this, especially if your work on the suspension components has now placed the vehicle into a different category of ATM. Invariably, you will also need to look at the coupling device between the caravan and your towing vehicle and must also ensure that you notify the appropriate registry authority in the state.

Registering Modifications

Why do you need to register anything? Don't forget that when you upgrade the springs on the caravan it will invariably affect the ride height of the vehicle, and you will need to ensure that the bar that connects to the towing car or truck is still suitable. This calls for a very precise calculation, and you will need to contact your caravan supplier or refer to manufacturer documentation in order to calculate this. Only then can you get the mandatory "modification plate" that you need to attach to the caravan and send to the registrar.

How to Proceed

When you next take your caravan in for a caravan service, have a word with the engineers there so that you can adjust the suspension, brakes and towing configurations carefully. This will ensure that you achieve your objective, while always being in line with requirements and ensuring maximum safety on the road.