Three Common Issues to Address for Better Auto AC Performance

Posted on: 12 July 2018

The AC unit installed in vehicles is often considered non-essential in comparison to other central components of the automobile. Therefore, most people will maintain and service the critical parts of the vehicle and ignore the less important air conditioner. Unfortunately, the negligence can cause the sudden failure of the system or a decline in performance. In addition, most minor problems in the AC unit are ignored until complete damage occurs.

You should remember that neglecting the air conditioner will reduce your immediate expenses. However, if the system breaks down completely, you will need to pay more for repair and restoration. You can avoid the inconvenience and financial losses by addressing the small problems in a timely fashion. Here are some of the common problems that you should address for better car air conditioning performance and prolonged system service.

Unpleasant AC Odour

The internal space of an auto AC is usually damp and dark. Unfortunately, these aspects of the unit make it the perfect ground for the breeding of microorganisms. For example, fungi and bacteria will grow in the air conditioner when the system goes through a long period of disuse. When these microbes breed in the unit, you will notice a foul odour. As a result, the air quality in the vehicle will decline fast. If your AC is already emitting a bad smell, you should consult an experienced technician for cleaning and flushing. You should also remember to run your AC for a short period during the cold season to minimise the risk of microbe accumulation.

Low AC Refrigerant

The refrigerant in your auto AC will decline over time. You can lose the coolant through leaks in your AC unit. It is important to address low refrigerant to promote better cooling and prevent air conditioner failure. If the refrigerant in your vehicle is too low, you will notice that the rate of cooling will be low. You can resolve the issue by having your air conditioner refrigerant refilled by a qualified auto service technician. You should also have the system checked for leaks.

Grimy Condenser

The condenser is a critical component which is responsible for cooling the refrigerant flowing from the compressor. If the condenser becomes grimy, dirty and soiled, it will not be able to cool the refrigerant effectively. Consequently, the performance of your air conditioner will decline. You should prevent malfunctions and inefficiencies by flushing and cleaning your auto AC condenser regularly.