What Those Mechanical Problems Might Mean When You're on the Road

Posted on: 30 August 2016

No car owner should ever overlook mechanical problems they're having when driving; although, many car owners do just that simply because they don't want to face another repair bill. A good way around this is to educate yourself about what certain mechanical problems might mean when it comes to your car; you might find out that some problems are even much more minor than you assumed. 

Shaking steering wheel

If the car's steering wheel shakes, try to note if you feel more vibration coming from one corner of the car. This often means that a tyre in that corner needs attention; a rim might be bent so that the tyre vibrates rather than rolls straight, and you'll feel this in the steering wheel. If you don't feel added shaking from one area in particular, the tyres might all need a simple balancing. Take your care to a tyre shop and have them checked out rather than assuming it's a problem with the steering column.

Lack of acceleration

If your car feels like it's being bogged down when you accelerate, note if this too is happening more in one corner. If so, a brake pad may be slipping and not releasing that wheel when you let your foot off the brake. If it seems that your car simply doesn't have the power it once did, add some engine cleaning solution and fill the tank with premium grade gas. If the car hesitates when you put it in gear, it may need a transmission flush and refill of the fluid. 


If the car stalls when you're in neutral or park, the timing chain may need replacement or adjusting. This tells the engine how high to rev the engine. Without enough revolutions per minute, the engine will stall. If the car lurches when you accelerate and then also stalls, this usually means an oxygen sensor is bad; this tells the car how much oxygen to mix with fuel to keep up combustion. You may also notice a burning smell when this sensor needs replacing as the car is burning more fuel than it should.

Bad smell from the dashboard

Bad odors from outside the car can mean a fluid leak, but if the smell is coming from the dashboard, your car's air conditioning may need a good cleaning. Mildew can collect around the air conditioner when you don't use it very often and the smell then travels through the dashboard vents.

Talk to a professional from a car servicing business for more information.