• What to Do If an Engine Timing Chain Slips or Stretches

    Within an internal combustion engine, many moving parts need to work together in concert so that the crankshaft can eventually turn at high speed and provide drive to the wheels. This requires perfect timing, and engineers have designed these parts to interact with a fantastic amount of precision. At the centre of this frenetic activity is a timing chain, and as with everything else mechanical, this can sometimes encounter problems. What type of problem could you expect, and why is it important to take action as soon as possible? [Read More]

  • Commonly Overlooked Questions to Professional Panel Beaters

    Although nobody leaves their home expecting to get into a fender bender, the reality is that an auto accident can happen at any time, regardless of how safe you drive. The reason is that many factors outside your control can cause an accident. Therefore, the best you can do is brush up on your defensive driving skills. However, when you find yourself in a car accident, a smash repairer is the first person you should call after contacting the traffic police. [Read More]

  • If You Use Your Vehicle to Tow, Keep an Eye on This Component

    Do you have plans to tow a heavy trailer or caravan soon? If so, you may have decided to take up a new hobby or take your family away on an extended, self-contained holiday, but either way, you need to ensure that your car or towing vehicle is up to the task. While you will undoubtedly need to think about the towing weight and other legal requirements, you also need to ensure that your engine can take the strain. [Read More]

  • Critical Car Services in Preparation for Winter

    When the first gusts of cold wind ushering in the winter season blow across your porch, your first concern is how to keep warm. Many motorists are not aware of the fact that their cars also need to adapt to the looming low temperatures. If you ignore servicing your car as winter approaches, it will struggle to operate optimally. This article highlights essential car services in preparation for winter. Battery [Read More]

  • 3 Common Culprits Behind a Sputtering Car Engine

    Is your car's engine sputtering? Many different problems can cause your auto engine to sputter. The good news is that most of these problems can be corrected when identified and addressed early enough. Keep reading on below to acquaint yourself with some of the most common culprits behind engine sputtering. Dirty fuel injectors Your car engine's fuel injectors serve the important purpose of spraying fuel into the combustion chamber. The fuel is then mixed with the air in the correct ratio and ignited by the spark plugs. [Read More]

  • Keeping Your Commercial Fleet Running Strong: Indicators Your Trailer Needs Repair Now

    Transportation is a crucial component of any commercial business. As your business expands, you will find it naturally necessary to increase your fleet of vehicles to cater to growing transportation needs. While increasing the number of vehicles is an invaluable idea, ensuring the fleet is well-maintained is critical in minimising downtime and financial losses due to breakdowns. To keep your trailers in good working order, you should look out for early signs of damage and repair them promptly. [Read More]