Critical Car Services in Preparation for Winter

Posted on: 20 May 2021

When the first gusts of cold wind ushering in the winter season blow across your porch, your first concern is how to keep warm. Many motorists are not aware of the fact that their cars also need to adapt to the looming low temperatures. If you ignore servicing your car as winter approaches, it will struggle to operate optimally. This article highlights essential car services in preparation for winter.


The battery in your car is the source of electric power required to ignite the vehicle and operate the AC, radio, lights and windows. Notably, low temperatures place a lot of stress on a car battery, and it can die on you when you least expect it. To avoid the sickening feeling you get when nothing happens as you turn the ignition on, you need to service the battery. Your mechanic will inspect and clean the terminals, ensure the clips are free of rust, conduct a load test and check the acid level in your battery. The best part is that most auto shops do not charge a lot for battery servicing. Most importantly, a battery in good condition will give you an easy time during winter.


The antifreeze in your car keeps essential fluids flowing through the hoses throughout winter. It is the reason most motorists prioritise the antifreeze when preparing their vehicles for winter. As winter approaches, many auto shops and filling stations advertising antifreeze services. If you have been following your car manufacturer's maintenance schedule, the chances are high that the antifreeze is in good condition. However, if you have skipped a few maintenance schedules, it would be advisable to get the coolant flushed and refilled. Get this done at a professional auto shop because a mechanic will use a compatible coolant.


While it might seem like a trivial issue, it is essential to consider how dark winter days can get. Ideally, you should squeeze as many lumens from your headlights as you can. It could be the difference between a smooth ride and a fatal accident. Therefore, ensure that the wiring to the headlights, taillights and dashboard lights are thoroughly insulated. Any signs of pinched insulation must be addressed using electrical tape to prevent shots and potential fires when you drive on snow. You should also have the headlights cleaned, waxed and buffed. Clean and clear headlights guarantee safety as you drive through winter's gloom.

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