Keeping Your Commercial Fleet Running Strong: Indicators Your Trailer Needs Repair Now

Posted on: 4 March 2021

Transportation is a crucial component of any commercial business. As your business expands, you will find it naturally necessary to increase your fleet of vehicles to cater to growing transportation needs. While increasing the number of vehicles is an invaluable idea, ensuring the fleet is well-maintained is critical in minimising downtime and financial losses due to breakdowns.

To keep your trailers in good working order, you should look out for early signs of damage and repair them promptly. Here are three ways you can tell that your trailer is breaking down and needs repairs.

When You Hear Air Leaks

The braking system is crucial to your vehicle's safety on the road. When operating normally, the vehicle comes to a stop within a reasonable time when you apply the brakes. However, the efficiency of the system can reduce due to air leaks. At this point, you will start to experience delays when trying to stop the vehicle. You may also hear a hissing sound when applying the brakes.

Get a professional to look at your trailer brake pads and determine whether you need to repair or replace them. Timely repairs will minimise the possibility of accidents and damages. 

When You Have Tyre Defects

The tyres are in constant contact with the road. Because of that, they get worn out quickly. Investing in high-quality tyres, cleaning them regularly, and controlling your driving speed are some critical tips to help maintain your tyres in great shape. Even so, vehicle tyres do not last forever. A time will come when you will start to notice persistent tire problems. Defective tyres can cause slipping or skidding, which can, in turn, lead to accidents. 

Take the vehicle to a trailer repair station for a professional check of the tyres when you notice deterioration. The mechanic will assess their condition and advise you whether to replace them with new and safe ones.

When the Indicator Lights Stop Working

The indicator lights are a lifeline to every motorist on the road. When yours are not working, you are endangering yourself and other road users. If your trailer has dead indicator lights, you will not be able to inform other motorists when making a move. By repairing the lights immediately, you will prevent your trailer from causing accidents.

When you notice any of these signs, take your trailer to a trailer repair station right away. With the assistance of a mechanic, you will have a functional and efficient fleet of trailers.