Be Wary Of the Signs of Impending Clutch Repairs

Posted on: 26 August 2016

As a motorist, automotive repairs are unavoidable. With the various components that keep your car up and running, one of them is bound to fail at one time or another simply from heavy usage. This is why it's crucial to take your vehicle for regular, scheduled servicing. This way, the mechanic can catch any potential problem before they escalate. However, other than ensuring your car is serviced, you are also responsible to spot any signs of damage that your vehicle may be relaying to you. One of the components that will show symptoms of disrepair before it malfunctions is the clutch. Here are some of the signs of impending clutch repairs that you should be wary of.

Your clutch pedal begins to feel spongy

One of the sure fire signs that your clutch is headed toward disrepair is if the pedal starts to be loose and feel spongy underfoot. Typically, when you step on your pedal, you are supposed to feel some resistance that allows you to push it all the way down.

This loose, spongy sensation from the clutch pedal may be more pronounced when you are trying to step off the clutch just before your gear engages. In these instances, it would be prudent to seek automotive repairs so that the clutch can be replaced with a newer one.

You catch a whiff of burning in your vehicle

Another sign of automotive repairs that you should be wary of is any whiffs of burning in your vehicle. This burning smell may be particularly pronounced when you are trying to switch gears. The main cause of this is a clutch that is slipping when you engage it. So how does the clutch begin to slip?

Over time, your clutch begins to succumb to wear and tear between its disc and the vehicle's flywheel. As the wear and tear progresses, the material between the two components disintegrates, which in turn promotes friction between the clutch disc and the flywheel. Left unchecked, the friction starts causing heat between the two components and this causes the burning smell in your car and extensive damage if not caught in time.

The burning smell may also be accompanied by rattling noises when the clutch is not engaged. It is crucial to seek automotive repairs to ensure that the continued friction does not affect other components of your transmission system, as this would result in exorbitant repair costs.