• How to Check If Your Car Transmission's Torque Converter Is Failing

    If you suspect that you have a problem with the automatic transmission, it can be difficult to actually pinpoint what's going on. As it has such an important role to play in the operation of this system, the torque converter can often be at the root of the issue. What does this part do and how can you recognise the symptoms? How Does It Work? The torque converter controls how much lubricating fluid is delivered to the automatic transmission system at any one time. [Read More]

  • Tighten Your Belts: Is Continuously Variable Transmission Right For You?

    The traditional automatic gearbox may be as useful and reliable as it always was, but new technologies are offering customers a range of alternatives to standard automatic transmissions. One of the most popular is continuously variable transmission (CVT), a revolutionary new type of automatic transmission that uses pulleys and belts rather than conventional chains. These pulleys automatically adjust the gear ratio as you raise and lower the revolutions of your engine, providing a technically unlimited amount of gears. [Read More]

  • Five Solar Products Every Caravan User Needs to Save Energy

    Going camping? If you are heading out in your caravan, you can draw electricity from a powered caravan site, but if you are taking your caravan out into the wild, you may need to rely on a generator or a bit of solar power. Want to harness the sun and bring it on your adventures? Then, check out these five solar products for camping: 1. Passive Solar Shower A passive solar shower gets you out of the caravan and lets you shower in the great outdoors. [Read More]

  • Tips for a DIY house move

    There's no doubt that moving house is considerably easier when you have the support of a professional removals team. However if you're on a tight budget and therefore can't quite afford this expense, then the only other alternative is to rent a truck and move your belongings by yourself. Whilst a DIY house move does present a number of challenges, it can be done. Here are a couple of tips which should make the experience a little easier. [Read More]

  • Signs You Ought To Know Of a Failing Clutch

    If you own a manual transmission vehicle, chances are you will have to endure problems with your clutch at one time or another. A mistake some motorists make, though, is ignoring the warning signs of impending clutch repairs. This gives the underlying problems time to become exacerbated until finally your vehicle is in need of clutch replacement. If you would like to prevent the inconvenience, as well as the extra cost, of having to replace your entire clutch, then it would be essential to know how to spot the symptoms of trouble. [Read More]

  • 4 Maintenance Tips to Extend the Service Life of Your Heavy Truck

    Regular servicing and safe driving can significantly improve fuel efficiency and the life of your truck. The safety and reliability of your truck should be your ultimate responsibility if you wish to avert losses, liabilities, and even deaths. You should understand the hefty price tag resulting from purchasing spare parts, loss of business due to delays, and other related costs. Be on the safe side by helping your vehicle to improve the bottom line of your business through a raft of truck servicing procedures discussed below. [Read More]

  • How to Check Your Car for Damage When You Return From an Outback Adventure

    Australia seems to have been designed for adventurous motorists to explore. With tracks like the Outback Way or the stretch of road from Darwin to Broome there to traverse, it just doesn't seem right to stay at home or stick to the coasts. So why not pack a tent and plenty of water, and hit the highways? Well, there's nothing wrong with a little adventure, as long as you realise that the stresses and strains of outback driving will have an effect on your car. [Read More]

  • Car Repairs You Never Want to Put Off

    It's not unusual for car owners to put off car repairs for as long as possible to avoid the expense and hassle of the work to be done. However, this can mean putting added wear and tear on your car and even risking your safety while on the road. Note a few signs of auto repairs you should never put off and why. Burning smell A burning smell from your car could signal a fluid leak; as the fluid drips onto another hot part under the hood, it burns away. [Read More]

  • Spot the Warning Signs of Impending Engine Trouble

    Your vehicle's engine is integral in keeping your car up and running. Nevertheless, there are motorists who will overlook warning signs of impending engine repair as they assume the problem can be contained until the vehicle is due a car service. The truth is leaving engine problems unabated could lead to the malfunction of other components of your vehicle. It could also cause the complete breakdown of your car at the most inopportune of times. [Read More]

  • A Few Factors to Consider When Getting Your Car Inspected in Australia

    Cars typically need a safety inspection before you can obtain a registration; new cars usually have this inspection done through the dealership, and you should be provided with a safety certificate when you buy the car. For a used car, there are many different types of inspections you might choose, beyond those required for new registrations. Note a few factors to keep in mind when getting your car inspected in Australia so you know it's always safe on the road. [Read More]