A Few Factors to Consider When Getting Your Car Inspected in Australia

Posted on: 31 August 2016

Cars typically need a safety inspection before you can obtain a registration; new cars usually have this inspection done through the dealership, and you should be provided with a safety certificate when you buy the car. For a used car, there are many different types of inspections you might choose, beyond those required for new registrations. Note a few factors to keep in mind when getting your car inspected in Australia so you know it's always safe on the road.

Inspections for registrations

If you're having your car inspected for safety in order to renew a registration, consider having this done by a shop that only handles inspections and not repairs. This will ensure you're getting an accurate report and not a list of items recommended for repair; if the inspection facility is only handling inspections and nothing more, they won't try to pressure you into getting repairs that aren't really needed for your car to pass inspection.

Inspections for child seats

If you're buying a used car and will need to use child seats, you might have the car inspected for safety first. This can ensure that the seatbelts in the back and front passenger seats work securely and that the car seats are the right size for accommodating the size of child seat you need. There are many models of child seats on the market and some are larger in order to provide more cushioning for babies, or to fit a toddler who sits upright. A quick inspection can ensure the car seats aren't going to interfere with the security of those child seats and will keep them snugly in place.

Mechanical inspections

While your car may need to go through a check of safety features for a new registration, there are other safety inspections you might consider for a used car, in order to go above and beyond the standard inspection required by the state. For example, the tyres are inspected for a registration inspection to ensure they're in good condition, but you might want to have their alignment inspected as well as the tie rods, which connect the tyres to the steering column. If the tie rods are bent, the tyres will pull in all different directions. The engine may be working properly to pass a standard safety inspection, but a mechanical inspection can tell you if there are fluid leaks, leaks in hoses, or if the engine is running too hot. These types of checks can alert you to needed repairs or to know if a potential used car purchase is a good buy for you.