Spot the Warning Signs of Impending Engine Trouble

Posted on: 31 August 2016

Your vehicle's engine is integral in keeping your car up and running. Nevertheless, there are motorists who will overlook warning signs of impending engine repair as they assume the problem can be contained until the vehicle is due a car service. The truth is leaving engine problems unabated could lead to the malfunction of other components of your vehicle. It could also cause the complete breakdown of your car at the most inopportune of times. As such, it is crucial to know what signs to look for that would require an immediate inspection from an auto mechanic. Here are some of the warning signs of impending engine trouble that you should not ignore when you spot.

Excessive smoke emissions from your exhaust pipe

The first sign of engine trouble is if your vehicle is emitting excessive smoke. You may also find that this exhaust smoke has a tinge of colour to it. The colour of the exhaust smoke could also give you a clue to what the problem affecting your engine is:

  • Exhaust smoke in blue: Blue-tinged exhaust smoke could be implying there is an oil leak that has occurred inside the engine's motor. As the motor oil burns, it gives off blue smoke, which is then redirected down the vehicle's tailpipe. Ignoring an oil leak in your engine's motor could lead to your vehicle suffering from oil starvation. Over time, this can cause irreparable engine damage.
  • Exhaust smoke in black: Black exhaust fumes could indicate there is excessive gasoline in the engine. If there is too much gasoline, the miles per gallon that your vehicle covers can be significantly decreased. It can also cause an array of other engine problems, which would lead to damage of your vehicle.
  • Exhaust smoke in white: White exhaust fumes could be an indication of a leak in your engine's cooling system. A leak will lead to the coolant being burned by the heat from the engine, leading to puffs of white smoke coming from the tailpipe of your vehicle. This should be addressed posthaste as the more coolant that leaks, the higher the chances of your engine overheating.

Unusual noises from the engine

If you are hearing clunking noises, it could mean some of the parts of the engine have come loos. It would be prudent to see an auto mechanic to establish if they can be reconnected or would need replacement. On the other hand, loud pops of noise coming from the engine could mean that fuel is prematurely detonating in the engine's combustion chamber. This could lead to problems with the vehicle's transmission.