4 Maintenance Tips to Extend the Service Life of Your Heavy Truck

Posted on: 6 September 2016

Regular servicing and safe driving can significantly improve fuel efficiency and the life of your truck. The safety and reliability of your truck should be your ultimate responsibility if you wish to avert losses, liabilities, and even deaths. You should understand the hefty price tag resulting from purchasing spare parts, loss of business due to delays, and other related costs. Be on the safe side by helping your vehicle to improve the bottom line of your business through a raft of truck servicing procedures discussed below.

Air Brakes Maintenance -- If you own a heavy truck, you know that it has a special braking mechanism than your ordinary vehicle. The braking system uses an intricate hydraulic pressure mechanism. Your mechanic will service this braking system by removing any dirt accumulated in the cylinder, which may cause the brakes to be too sensitive or require you to exert more pressure to work. The repairs will also include replacing worn out parts and inspecting the pressure gauge to prevent any future malfunctioning. Air brakes are integral for the safety of the driver and other road users because they improve the drivability of the truck.

Insurance for Repairs after Accidents -- Sometimes, you truck can be involved in a road accident as a result of uncontrollable circumstances. Ensure that you have a good insurance scheme to cover the repair costs and any related losses. Industry experts recommend that after an accident, you should contact your insurance provider to iron out matters related to repairs. However, always bear in mind that an insurer will have a standby list of truck service centers near your locality that they will recommend to you. These recommended services may not have your usual go-to truck repair experts since insurers will always want to save a buck. Therefore, it is beneficial to suggest your own trusted mechanic or service center and have the insurer cover the repair costs.

Genuine Spare Parts -- The repair center should have genuine spare parts if you will be replacing damaged components in your truck. The long-term consequences of buying knockoffs, especially to the service life of your truck cannot be overstated. If you want to avoid regular trips to the service center, verify that you are buying genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts from the service provider.

Consider Upgrading -- When your heavy truck is always breaking down, spending more hours in the garage than on the road, maybe it is the right time to weigh your options. Your mechanic can offer invaluable advice that can make you decide if retaining your truck is financially sound, or you will have to trade it in and acquire a new one. A truck repair professional can help you arrive at such a tough decision by assessing if the maintenance costs far outweigh the cost of investing in a new vehicle.