Five Solar Products Every Caravan User Needs to Save Energy

Posted on: 8 September 2016

Going camping? If you are heading out in your caravan, you can draw electricity from a powered caravan site, but if you are taking your caravan out into the wild, you may need to rely on a generator or a bit of solar power. Want to harness the sun and bring it on your adventures? Then, check out these five solar products for camping:

1. Passive Solar Shower

A passive solar shower gets you out of the caravan and lets you shower in the great outdoors. These showers consist of a rubber bag that you fill with water and warm with the sun. They allow you to have a hot shower in the morning or at the end of a long day, and they don't take up any power from your caravan's generator.

2. Solar Drinking Water Purifier

Just as you can get a solar shower, you can also get a solar water purifier. Similar to passive solar showers, these solar-powered purifiers hold water in a bag. When you lay the bag in the sun, it cleans and filters the water, removing impurities. This is a great way to relieve your caravan's kitchen sink from the power burdens associated with its pump, but it's also a great way to clean river water or other water that you find.

3. Solar Charging Panel

If you are taking a mobile phone, a GPS device or anything else that charges on a USB charger, you may want to pack a solar charger. Alternatively, if you plug these devices into your caravan, they can wear down the leisure battery. However, with solar panels, you get the energy you need to charge your devices for free.

There are a range of solar panel charging devices made for camping. You can get tiny little solar panels that are about the size of a mobile phone with a couple of charging ports on each side. You can also get a solar panel that rolls up for storage and rolls out like a yoga mat to receive solar rays. Finally, there are backpacks as well -- as you hike with the backpack, it absorbs the sun's rays, allowing you to charge your phone or other devices in the backpack's ports.

4. Solar Flashlight

A solar flashlight charges during the day, but at night if you need to leave your caravan for any reason, you can use the solar flashlight for light. In a pinch, if your caravan's generator stopped working, you could even use a solar flashlight for light inside your caravan.

5. Solar Cooler

Finally, consider giving the fridge in your caravan a break by using a solar cooler. The top of the cooler acts as a solar panel, and it creates energy to help keep the items in the cooler cold.